Sandcastle Village becoming PIHS Class of 2020 tribute – Port Isabel-South Padre Press

Jenifer Windy Harren carves names from PIHS’ class of 2020 at Sandcastle Village. Courtesy photo.

By Gaige Davila

Sandcastle Village, outside of Gravity Park and Louie’s Backyard on South Padre Island, is going through another facelift, celebrating the graduation season, specifically for Port Isabel High School’s class of 2020. 

Initially, the Sandcastle Village was undergoing a “spring breaker-friendly theme,” before the global COVID-19 pandemic made the sand sculptors stop work.

When the City of South Padre Island said they could return to work, Lucinda Wierenga, owner of Sand Castle, Inc, the non-profit organization who created the Sandcastle Village, had PIHS’ Class of 2020 in mind.

“It occurred to me that this year’s class of graduating seniors got a bit of a raw deal, and that we could use the sculpture garden to pay special to tribute to their success,” Wierenga said. 

Currently, Sand Castle, Inc, sculptors—Anubis Morrison; Jose Sanchez; Jenifer Windy Harren and Wierenga—are making the PIHS’ seniors’ names larger, along with remaking the large sand throne within Sandcastle Village, so the soon-to-be graduates can take photos. 

PIHS Class of 2020 seniors’ names carved into hearts from Sandcastle Village’s Valentine’s Day theme. Photo by Gaige Davila.

Their goal, Wierenga said, is to include all of the Class of 2020’s names on the hearts left over from their Valentine’s Day-themed Sandcastle Village.

Sand Castle, Inc, is relying on donations from the public and businesses to keep the project going. A nominal donation can get a donator’s name added to the Village’s “Graffiti Wall,” Wierenga said, and smaller donations can be made in the on-site lockbox. The donations are used to buy supplies, like shade tents and glue. 

The sculptors can be found working on the tribute wall and other parts of the Sandcastle Village before 11:00 a.m. and or during late afternoons. A tip jar is available on-site. 

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