6th Annual Summer Causeway Run & Fitness Walk cancelled – Port Isabel-South Padre Press

Runners bottleneck up the Queen Isabella Memorial Causeway on January 11, 2020, during the 36th Annual Causeway Run. Photo by Gaige Davila.

By Gaige Davila

This summer’s Causeway Run and Fitness Walk, hosted by the Port Isabel Chamber of Commerce, has been cancelled.

The Port Isabel Chamber of Commerce board cancelled the event on Wednesday morning, May 20, saying they were concerned for participants’ safety. 

The run was scheduled for June 6, initially, before being rescheduled to August 22, in the dead of summer. 

The August heat, with no water stations on the Causeway, coupled with safety concerns related to COVID-19 transmission, prompted the board to cancel the event.

“It was a very difficult decision to make, but it was necessary,” Betty Wells, director of the Port Isabel Chamber of Commerce, said. “If even one person had a heat-related problem because of our event, that would be extremely upsetting for us.” 

She continued, “You can’t take any chances with the safety of people.” 

Less than a hundred people registered for the run, Wells said. Those who did register can credit their registration fee to next year’s summer run, or the run in January. 

The sponsors of the event will be informed of the cancellation.

The Causeway Run and Fitness Walk for January 9, 2021, is still on, along with the next summer run in June 2021. 

The run takes place in either Port Isabel or South Padre Island, where participants cross the Queen Isabella Memorial Causeway on foot to reach the other side. 

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