Laredo Chamber Launches #LaredoStrong Campaign

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Photo courtesy Laredo Chamber of Commerce

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While things have not been easy for anyone over the last few months, the leadership of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce is betting on one trait that has helped Laredo overcome difficult situations in the past – the resiliency of its people.  Whether it was the impact of two world wars, the destruction brought on by the great flood of ’54, the closing of its airbase, or the anguish brought about by peso devaluations, one way or another, Laredoans have always managed to come through them, and be the better for it.  And so it is in the summer of 2020, that the Laredo Chamber once more is counting on that particular strength.  States Parker Neel, Chairman of the Chamber Board, “There’s no denying it’s been difficult for Laredo during the past few months, but we are a resilient sort.  The one thing that we must remind ourselves is that there is strength in numbers!”

As members of the Chamber Board brainstormed on ways to offer support to the members and the business community at large, the particular element of unity remained clear. The group agreed that the first step in putting any type of program forward would require for the whole community to embrace it. Community unity would be key. 

Adapting an idea from a sports promotion, Gonzalo Prida, local freight forwarder and member of the Chamber Board, suggested a campaign revolving on community pride. Basically, the idea would be to have local businesses encourage their employees to wear or carry distinctive items, e.g, T-shirts, displaying a unity slogan or logo, and show off photos on social media.  Much like fans of professional sports do.  The idea took hold. The #LaredoStrong slogan was born.

This coming week the Laredo Chamber of Commerce will be officially launching the #LaredoStrong campaign.  The initial step will be to approach local employers and have them sponsor T-shirts for their personnel.  Group photos on a particular day of the week will then follow on social media. Subsequent steps, including the production of video testimonials that promote the #LaredoStrong slogan, will follow.  For information about the campaign contact the Laredo Chamber at 956-722-9895. 

About the Chamber

Founded in 1915, the Laredo Chamber of Commerce is Laredo’s and Webb County’s longest running business organization.  Headquartered at 2310 San Bernardo Ave. since 1974, the Laredo Chamber has

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been an advocate for the local business community for over a century.  With 650 members representative of every industry in the community, the Laredo Chamber is accredited with 5 stars by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  Only 200 chambers out of 7000 across the country are accredited by this organization.

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