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Jesus Garcia, Jr.’s family stands with the tree dedicated to him and prays for his health. (Photo by Louie Diaz)


St. Theresa Catholic Church’s adopt-a-tree fundraiser has brought a glimmer of hope to families that have dedicated trees to loved ones.
The fundraiser began as a way to raise funds to have the trees on church grounds trimmed. To raise money for the tree trimming and to celebrate advent, church officials decided to hold this fundraiser. The fundraiser began on Nov. 29th and ends on Jan. 10.
Usually, St. Theresa’s celebrates Las Posadas; however, the COVID-19 pandemic caused the celebrations to be cancelled. The adopt-a-tree fundraiser was the church’s way of integrating the community. According to Angelica Corona, Public Relations Coordinator for Saint Theresa Catholic Church, families would decorate their adopted tree but still be socially distanced.
“This is a way of getting people to come together—at their own time—to decorate the trees and share that season of hope,” Corona said.
The fee to adopt a tree was $75 which included a $65 fee for the pruning of the tree and a $10 fee for the sign. The signs could be customized with a special message. About 31 families have adopted a tree so far. Each tree is dedicated to someone different. Some trees have been dedicated to loved ones, the sick, all those who died due to COVID-19, and more.

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