Tony Dungy criticizes narrative that Black coaches interview poorly

Former Buccaneers and Colts head coach Tony Dungy heard for years he didn't interview well for head coaching positions. Now he's in the Hall of Fame.

Tony Dungy, now in the Hall of Fame, remembers going through interviews for head coaching positions, and how afterward he’d hear that the interview went poorly.

“For years, that was said about me,” Dungy explained to USA TODAY Sports. “What’s behind it is a caricature of what a head coach should be. In my case, I was calm. I didn’t curse at people. Some owners believed that unless you jumped up and down on a table, you’re not a real coach.”

Dungy remembers interviewing with one owner and the owner told him: “I like a lot of things about you, but you’re so soft spoken, you don’t curse. How are you going to control a locker room?”

“I’d do what I’ve done my entire career,” Dungy says he told the owner, “which is earn the trust and respect of the players by appealing to their intellect, their professionalism.”

“I just don’t think this can work,” said the owner.

“That,” Dungy says now, “was a ‘poor interview.’ “

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