ESPN reporter Pedro Gomez dies at 58; stunned colleagues mourn loss

Longtime ESPN reporter Pedro Gomez died suddenly Sunday. He was 58. The network announced Gomez’s death during Super Bowl 55

The cause of death has not been disclosed.

Gomez, a Miami native, joined the network in 2003 to cover MLB. He previously worked for the Sacramento Bee, Miami Herald, San Jose Mercury News, San Diego Union-Tribune and Arizona Republic.

He traveled to Cuba for MLB’s historic exhibitions in Havana in 2016. The journey was as much personal as professional: Gomez’s parents emigrated from Cuba as refugees, and Gomez left his father and brother’s ashes in the country.

The news left co-workers and many others in sports media stunned. Their deep admiration for Gomez came through in their reactions on Twitter.

Gomez’s son Rio is a pitcher in the Red Sox organization.

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