Texas Western was 1st with all-Black starting five to win NCAA title

Texas Western's 1966 team won the NCAA championship 72-65 against Kentucky. It is considered one of the most important in the history of college basketball.

During Black History Month, with the series 28 Black Stories in 28 days, USA TODAY Sports examines the issues, challenges and opportunities Black athletes and sports officials face after the nation’s reckoning on race in 2020.

In a tiny motel room in College Park, Maryland, the Black players had been summoned. They had just finished their pregame meal and Texas Western coach Don Haskins had cornered his big center David Lattin with a demand.

Have all the African American players come to your room. I want to talk to them.

The meeting was swift and to the point. Lattin and roommate Bobby Joe Hill sitting on their beds. Willie Worsley, Harry Flournoy, Orsten Artis, Nevil Shed and Willie Cager standing.

Haskins stormed in, smelling of the cigarettes he’d smoked that day.

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