McAllen Residents Urged to Protect Pipes to Avoid Freezing, Interruption of Water Service

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McAllen Public Utility is encouraging residents to protect pipes from freezing. There is no interruption of water services; however, residents who are experiencing an interruption of water, the problem likely stems from frozen pipes.

MPU officials recommend that when pipes are frozen, residents thaw out the main waterline coming into the structure by utilizing portable heaters, a hair dryer or similar device. Additionally, please note that electrical services that have been affected could limit the use of electrical devices.

In anticipation of a hard freeze tonight, residents are reminded to cover their exposed water lines, in particular back flow devices, and leave an indoor water fixture dripping slightly in order to ensure the water lines will not freeze.

Additionally, please note that the water may have an unfamiliar smell. The water has been tested and is safe to use; however, with the weather and lack of usage, the water is not moving as much. Residents can run the water for a few minutes before using to eliminate the smell.

For emergencies, please call MPU Customer Service at (956) 681-1717. Please note that the utility service is experiencing a heavy call volume and is making every effort to get to all the calls as quickly as possible. Customers are asked to be patient and to continue trying the number if they do not get through right away.

Other helpful tips to keep in mind include:
The 4 Ps: Protect people, pets, pipes and plants
Bring in pets and plants and insulate backflow devices to avoid them freezing and breaking
Check with elderly relatives and neighbors
Keep face warm and continue to wear a face mask
Wear layers of clothes. Be sure kids are bundled up if they’re going to be outside.
Use extreme care with space heaters: keep away from flammable objects, do not connect to extension cords, and never use generators indoors, etc.

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