Florida party videos show no social distancing or wearing masks

Fearing hordes of college students arriving in beach communities for traditional spring breaks, Texas and California have requested students not come this year due to concerns over surges of Coronavirus infections.

This follows recent holiday weeks in Florida in which college-age youths were seen in videos not social distancing or wearing face masks.

In Florida, a normally popular Ft. Lauderdale resort had to go so far as to ban all visitors under 23 years old.

Other resort communities popular with young people are preparing for the crowds, including Los Angeles, California and Galveston Island, Texas.

Among the concerns of officials to partying students is the introduction of new coronavirus variants in their states.

And in LA County, travelers are again being alerted to travel advisories that require those coming from other states to self-quarantine for 10 days upon arrival.

“Please postpone travel and continue doing your part to slow the spread, so that our recovery journey isn’t sidelined,” said Barbara Ferrer, L.A. County Public Health Director.

However, after Gov. Greg Abbott’s recent lifting of all Coronavirus restrictions, Texas businesses are expecting large spring break crowds.

On Galveston Island, Texas, store owners are saying it will be important to keep some restrictions in place.”It’s pretty much business as usual, except for the cleaning, the guidelines and the mask wearing. And, if we see that the store, especially on the weekend, is starting to look at capacity, we have those numbers in our head, then we’ll just stop at the door and say you have to wait until some other people leave,” said store owner John Roberts.

Galveston officials note that past years have seen as many as 300,000 young people arriving for spring break.

“We’re surveying all of our industry partners right now to get a better feel for what they are going to be asking visitors to do. But, I think the best course is to bring your mask along,” one store owner said. “We want you to be able to experience the most of the island that you can, and there will still be a number of places that are really encouraging that.”

Corpus Christi, Texas Captain Trenade Paddock Roberts added, “We want everyone to have a great time out at the beach for Spring Break, but we also want to make sure they’re safe.”

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