Texans could get medical marijuana license in Oklahoma with proposed bill

DURANT, Okla. (KXII) – Some Oklahoma lawmakers are trying to pass a bill that would allow people who don’t live in the state to get a medical marijuana license.

It would only be valid in Oklahoma and would have to be signed by an Oklahoma doctor.

This bill applies to any state. But for Texoma, Texans would be able to go right across the border to Oklahoma to obtain a medical marijuana card, if approved.

But since it’s illegal in Texas, they’d have to use the medical marijuana in Oklahoma.

“I’m all about freedom so it’s nice that more people will have that option,” said Dustin Belvin, co-owner of The Remedy in Durant.

House Bill 2022 would allow residents of other states to get a medical marijuana license in Oklahoma and legally purchase it in the state.

Belvin said he’s excited for the bill with the potential of more customers.

“I kind of view it as kind of a medical vacation. You know, people go and get treatment for cancer, they have to go and stay at the hospital or stay at a hotel for a couple days while they’re getting treatment. Same concept in my eyes,” Belvin said.

Oklahoma State Representative for District 19 JJ Humphrey said this would be a major boost to businesses on the border.

“It’s going to affect Bryan County in a huge, huge way. It’s going to affect Choctaw County in a huge, huge way,” Humphrey said.

He said before medical marijuana became legal in Oklahoma, many residents would go to other states like Colorado for medical needs.

“And they couldn’t get a card or they couldn’t get it legally and so they had to break the law to get medical help on this,” Humphrey said.

This bill would allow people 18 years old or older to apply for a license, but it says, “a qualifying medical condition is not required.”

Even if a Texan purchases a product and takes it back, up to two ounces is a misdemeanor, and double that, a felony.

“That’s a big deal like that’s like life-altering consequences potentially. And literally you take three steps to the other direction, you’re on the other side of that line, and all of a sudden you’re getting medicine,” Belvin said.

A non-resident medical marijuana license would cost $200 and be valid for two years.

The Oklahoma House has passed the bill and it was referred to the Oklahoma Senate’s Business, Commerce and Tourism Committee last Monday.

It would need Senate approval and Governor Kevin Stitt’s signature to become law.

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