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The San Benito CISD Board of Trustees held a meeting and discussed the GKD Local policy concerning campaigning on school district property.
During the meeting, some board members shared that they received letters of reprimand concerning posts on social media that violated the GKD Local policy.
Trustee Ramiro Moreno commented that board members would have access to district facilities as a background to create political advertisements.
“Certainly I think board members have more access to [school district] buildings, but we’ve had people who are not on the board yet take pictures or videos within sight of our facilities,” said Superintendent Dr. Nate Carman.
“We took some pictures to show the community the accomplishments that we as a board have done because people want to know what is going on,” Weaver said. “It’s just something that we are so proud and excited of the things we have accomplished.”
Trustees Sonia Weaver and Janie Silva shared a photo on social media in front of school district facilities, received warnings and were advised to delete the post.
Board President, Orlando Lopez, chimed in on the issue.
“If someone asks me to take a picture and you want to put it on Facebook or your campaign page because it’s a celebration, but you can’t do it,” Lopez said. “I think it’s unfair that us elected officials can’t do that because all of a sudden we want to use it as a platform for politics and campaigning.”
According to SBCISD Attorney, Tony Torres, district administration cannot force anyone to take down a post on social media.
Trustee Ana Llanes mentioned that board members have now gone through training to understand policy and should be knowledgeable of board policies.
“We have gone through training now and now we know what the policies and procedures that shouldn’t be repeated, especially if we’re paying big money for all of us to go through training,” Llanes said.

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