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Lunch rush
The San Benito Food Court Festival will be held at Heavin Park on April 24 and 25. (Photo by Louie Diaz)


The San Benito City Commission approved a food truck event at the Heavin Trail Park during a commission meeting on Tuesday, April 6.
In an effort to return to normalcy after a year overtaken by the COVID-19 pandemic, the city proposed to host a food truck event. City Manager Manuel De La Rosa proposed the item.
“These are family-oriented outdoor events at the park,” De La Rosa said. “We are going to make it as family friendly as possible.”
Live music from local artists will be played at the park’s amphitheater. However, activities at the event will be limited, said De La Rosa.
Mayor Pro Tem Carol Lynn Sanchez mentioned that the EDC parking lot may be open for food trucks to park.
“I like the resaca, I think that’s our biggest asset, so we really need to focus on that,” Sanchez said. “Not to mention that Resaca Village is right across the street, so hopefully if it’s a business outside of the city or even our own citizens that go; if they do have something successful, then they’d be willing to then look into our new plaza across the street.”
Commissioner Rene Garcia asked what types of COVID-19 precautions were observed at similar events in different cities.
“There was COVID-19 restrictions in place. Now, if they are being followed is a different question,” answered Commissioner Pete Galvan. “We’re a little more than a year into the pandemic, I think people know the rules—they should know the rules if they don’t—we have to let them make decisions on their own. The City has to make sure those restrictions are in place—maybe some signage saying ‘masks required,’ ‘six feet social distancing,’ etc.”
Galvan had an issue with having national franchises at the event and would rather see small businesses promoted.
“Franchises have brick and motor places, and food trucks are there to help promote small businesses,” Galvan said.
According to De La Rosa, the food truck companies will pay $100 for the first day and $50 for the second day to sell food at the event.
The event will be held on the weekend of April 24-25 from 12-6 p.m. Saturday and 2-6 p.m. on Sunday.
A motion was made by Commissioner Garcia and seconded Commissioner Villafranco. The item passed unanimously.

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