US owners find greed doesn’t work in Europe

Stan Kroenke, John Henry and the Glazer family learned the hard way that just because they play football in England, you can’t run a Premier League team as if it was in America.

It’s one thing to be greedy. It’s quite another to be so blatantly obvious about it.

The owners of Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United, respectively, saw their grand plans for a new cash cow – sorry, an in-season tournament featuring a dozen of the world’s most prestigious teams – blow up in their faces just 48 hours after it was announced. After widespread and unrelenting condemnation from players, fans, sponsors, politicians – even the future King of England – Manchester City confirmed Tuesday afternoon that it was withdrawing from the Super League. Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Italian team Inter Milan all have said they are negotiating exits.

The Super League, as it turns out, is neither super nor is it likely soon to even be a league.

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