A Letter from McAllen City Commissioner District 1 Candidate Tony Aguirre

A Letter from McAllen City Commissioner District 1 Candidate Tony Aguirre
Tony Aguirre and his family. (Back row) Tony and his wife, Linda.
(Front row, left to right) Tony’s children Aaron Aguirre, Karen Aguirre, and Nicole Aguirre-Saenz and his son-in-law, Louie Saenz.
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Tony Aguirre

Dear McAllen Friends and Neighbors,

I have not lived my life as a politician; I have lived my life as a public servant, and anyone who knows me would agree.  I love what I have done and what I continue to do. Service to humanity is the best work of life, and I have lived that kind of life since I was involved with a young-adult organization, McAllen Jaycees.  I was so fortunate to work with over 100 other business-minded young adults in the mid ‘80s and throughout the ‘90s.  We believed performing service projects for the benefit of humanity was our purpose.  We learned how to plan, prepare, and organize before implementation so our service projects would be successful.  The fruits of this success would benefit either individuals or organizations in need, and we would document the project, from its inception to its fulfillment, so our future Jaycees would benefit from our experience.

As simple as this may seem, I made this my “norm” in life, and I am so happy I did.  What others may see as obstacles—or as too much work—I see as another job that needs to be done.  There are times to lead, and there are times to follow, and I love doing both.

As your District 1 commissioner, I will lead as a public servant.  When I see things that need to be done, I will act upon them, but I will always listen and seek your input for an even better McAllen. My role as a city commissioner is to always provide you with an avenue to freely express your opinion on any given subject.

Teaching and mentorship have always been an integral part of my way of being.  As I act upon the complicated tasks that face us today, I will bring others along with me so they can gain the experience it takes to find solutions. At other times, I will be following their lead and working side-by-side with them.

Another responsibility I take to heart is being a guardian of your ad-valorem taxes. Your hard-earned monies must be spent wisely.  I have done this as your McAllen Public Utilities trustee, as a trustee for one of the largest financial institutions in Texas, and as board chairman and/or executive-committee member of numerous nonprofit organizations, including Valley Initiative for Development and Advancement (VIDA), Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Boys & Girls Club of McAllen, McAllen Chamber of Commerce, McAllen Economic Development Corporation, and the RGV Partnership.

I have lived the life of a small-business owner since 1979, both as a sole owner and as a partner, so I know the day-to-day intensity and the importance of adaptability and visionary planning.  My career has provided me with vast knowledge of international trade, economic development, retail, customer service, land development, and the construction of infrastructure.  I will use all of these to serve this city we love.

I could not have devoted this time and energy to public service without my diligent, dedicated, loving staff, both past and present.  It is a mutual love.

My public service was also possible because of the love and unwavering support of my wife, Linda, and our three adult children—Nicole, Karen, and Aaron.  All three live in our city and share my commitment to serving our community.  Many times, they are right alongside me.  Nicole is married to Louie Saenz and works as a sales consultant for a large land developer. Karen teaches kindergarten students at Perez Elementary; Linda and Nicole are both former teachers. Aaron works in our family business, Riverside Development Services. 

My greatest thanks go to My God. He leads, and I follow.

Dios por delante,

Tony Aguirre

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