Webb Elementary marches in blue for Autism Awareness Month

Students and staff of Faye Webb Elementary School were all decked out in blue attire as they held their first Autism Awareness Walk at the campus Friday.

Assistant principal Kimberly Ellis put the march together as an extension of the diversity, equity and inclusion initiative school officials have set at the campus. The theme for the walk was “Light It Up Blue.”

Students at Webb Elementary hold an Autism Awareness Walk on Friday, April 30, 2021.

“I taught Special Education before I became an administrator and I always say once a Special Education teacher, always a Special Education teacher,” Ellis said. “Even though I’m in this administrative position, I feel this personal obligation to make sure every single student is provided a solid education. That accompanies inclusion; we have to be all inclusive to ensure every single student is learning at their full potential.”

Originally set for students and teachers to be walk outside so parents could line up in their cars and honk their horns in applause, the rainy weather didn’t permit them. This was to be the first time parents would be able to involved with their children at Webb Elementary this current school year.

Students at Webb Elementary hold an Autism Awareness Walk on Friday, April 30, 2021.

Ellis said virtual students were set to participate as well, but couldn’t due to the weather.

Each grade level had a person who is living with autism they recognized or represented a symbolization of autism. Students and staff held posters they made to showcase those with autism.

Ellis has previously dressed up as historical Black figures during Black History Month. She said she plans to continue highlighting all diversities in years to come.

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