Aqaba’s ASEZA signs agreement with University of Texas

Aqaba, March 6 – The Aqaba Special Economic Zone
Authority (ASEZA) has announced that it is one of four Jordanian
institutions to have signed initial agreements with the
University of Texas at Arlington in a first step towards
establishing student and education exchanges and research
Representatives from UT Arlington and institutions in
Jordan signed the new agreements Monday.
The agreements were between University of Texas at
Arlington and the Jordanian Nursing Council, Hashemite
University, the Jordanian University of Science and Technology
(JUST) and the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority.
The Jordanian delegation included Professor Kamel Mahadin,
Professor Rowaida Al-Maaitah, Professor Muntaha Gharaibeh, JUST
President Professor Abdallah Malkawi and Hashemite University
Professor Kamal Bani Hani.
The signing ceremony was attended by representatives of
the four Jordanian institutions and Princess Muna Al Hussein,
mother of King Abdullah II of Jordan.
The princess founded the Jordanian Nursing Council and has
been honored for her ongoing commitment to the provision of
quality nursing through the continual advancement of training
and education.
Princess Muna Al Hussein commended the UT Arlington
College of Nursing for its “tireless efforts in providing
quality innovative nursing programs and emphasizing nursing
skills to meet the challenges of increasingly complex health
“Our visit will result in a stronger collaboration between
your prestigious university, the Jordanian Nursing Council and
our Jordanian universities in the areas of science and
research,” she said.
Dr. Kamel Mahadin, Chief Commissioner of Aqaba Special
Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), signed a cooperation agreement
with The University of Texas at Arlington represented by its
President Dr. Vistasp M. Karbhari.
Under the terms of the agreement, both parties agree to
establish a program of exchange and collaboration in areas of
interest and benefit to both institutions.
Mahadin noted that this agreement seeks to establish means
of cooperation on the cultural, economic and academic levels.
“This important agreement aims at developing cooperation
between ASEZA and the University of Texas, one of US’s most
prestigious universities, as we strive to transform Jordan’s
only port city (Aqaba) into a world class business hub and
leisure destination,” he added.
UT Arlington President Karbhari said the agreements
continue building upon the strong relationship that exists
between the university and Jordan.
The agreements mark the beginning of a mutually beneficial
partnership among faculty members, students and researchers and
a country focused on improved health care for its people.
“Our dream is that our world can become a better place
through the power of advancing and sharing knowledge,” Karbhari
Mahadin added that: “the purposes of the cooperation
between UT Arlington and ASEZA include promoting interest in the
respective teaching and research activities and the deepening of
understanding of the economic, cultural, environmental and
social issues of the respective institutions”.
“As we sign this agreement,” he continued, “we will start
working on developing institutional exchanges that involve
faculty members and staff of both institutions, organizing
symposia, conferences, short courses and meetings on research
issues and carrying out joint research and continuing education
programs, in addition to exchanging information pertaining to
research developments at each institution”.
Mahadin stressed the importance of the educational sector
in the development of Aqaba.
“We strive to achieve his Majesty King Abdullah II’s
vision for Aqaba and Jordan as we in Aqaba focus heavily
education because we believe in the significant role it plays in
the development process and in building the capacity of the
communities” he said.
“Aqaba has successfully attracted a number of investments
in the sector including universities and academies and the Zone
offers still more investment opportunities in education”.
According to Mahadin the agreement is as part of ASEZA’s
strategy to develop international cooperation with renowned
academic institutions.
It is worth mentioning that ASEZA recently signed an
agreement with the Italian University of Palermo to develop
means of cooperation on similar levelsm including establishing a
faculty of Medicine at the University of Jordan campus in Aqaba.
Moreover, as part of its strategy towards more
international cooperation and promotion for Aqaba, ASEZA signed
agreements with the city of Basra and several cities in the
Italian region of Sicily in addition to Shizuishan of the
Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of China.

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