Chris Webber, Jalen Rose end Fab Five feud on TV

A scene that many thought might never come happened Sunday afternoon on ESPN: Two estranged former best friends and teammates reconciling live on television.

There it was: Jalen Rose and Chris Webber chatting for the world to see, after Webber’s election to the Basketball Hall of Fame was announced earlier in the day. Beef squashed, publicly.

“I love you my brother. Congratulations,” Rose said, noting the two played together when they were 13. “You made it to the Hall of Fame. Well deserved.”

“Jalen Anthony Rose, it’s crazy, man,” Webber said. “And thank God for your beautiful, wonderful mother, ’cause you know what she did for me.”

Rose’s mother,Jeanne, died in February from lung cancer at 79 years old.

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