Christus Spohn’s new behavioral health hospital to open in spring 2022

Christus Spohn Health System and Oceans Healthcare unveiled plans on Thursday to develop a new behavioral health unit with inpatient and outpatient services on the Shoreline campus.

The 30,000-square-foot, 40-bed unit will treat adults 18 to 54 years old and seniors 55 and older with programs addressing Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and more.


The new behavioral hospital is slated to open in the spring of 2022 and will replace the behavioral health unit housed in the old Christus Spohn Hospital Memorial.

Christus Spohn Health System and Oceans Healthcare announced their partnership in June 2020. With two decades of inpatient and outpatient behavioral health experience, Oceans Healthcare began managing Christus Spohn’s behavioral health program in August 2020.

Since then, Christus Spohn has treated 27% more patients compared to 2019.

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