CCISD construction contract awarded to Fulton Construction under scrutiny

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The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has confirmed to KRIS 6 News that it is investigating the Corpus Christi Independent School District’s (CCISD) method of awarding a construction contract in 2020.

The contract to build new classrooms at Ella Barnes Elementary School went to Fulton Construction on July 16.

However, video has surfaced with a July 14 timestamp showing a Fulton crew working on the project without even the customary “guaranteed maximum price” agreement.

At a June 8 school board meeting, CCISD Construction Project Manager John Dibala suggested that $4 million remaining from the 2016 bond issue could pay for the renovations. The bid process was completed by July 9, with Fulton edging the firm of Weaver & Jacobs, 100 to 98.

Fulton Construction

According to public records from the City of Corpus Christi, however, Fulton obtained a permit to work the site on July 2, a full week before the bid scores were tabulated, and two weeks before being awarded the contract.

No one from CCISD would be interviewed for this story. The district did issue a statement that read in part, “Fulton chose to begin mobilization work at the Barnes site at their own risk, an action taken occasionally to maximize efficiency once projects receive full approval.”

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