Cristhian Bahena Rivera blames armed mystery men

The man charged with first-degree murder in the slaying of Mollie Tibbetts testified Wednesday that he didn’t kill Tibbetts. Instead, Cristhian Bahena Rivera pointed blame at two unknown masked men – one armed with a gun, another with a knife – who surprised him at his home on the night of Tibbetts’ disappearance.

The men, according to Bahena Rivera, forced him to get into his car July 18, 2018, and drive around near Brooklyn, Iowa, before spotting Tibbetts jogging toward town. Bahena Rivera said the men – one named “Jack” – made him circle around several times before stopping along a gravel road near where Tibbetts was last seen.

They drove out of Tibbetts’ sight, Bahena Rivera testified. The man armed with the knife got out of the car for 10 to 12 minutes, while the other sat in the back seat.

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