going against the culture of overwork

Whether it’s called hustle culture or toxic productivity, workaholism is now mainstream. For the last few years, the idea of “Rise and Grind 24/7” has infected American life. People are working extreme schedules, forfeiting weekends, relationships, and even sleep to attain success. It’s the newest incarnation of the American dream, the belief that if you hustle now, later you can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and astronomical achievement. You too can become Bill Gates or Oprah, if you just work hard enough.

However, the pandemic ground much of hustle culture to a halt. For many, there was nothing to do for months but look at personal and societal problems that could no longer be covered by a busy schedule.

As a result, more people are turning against workaholism. Productivity YouTube channels that previously “hacked” morning routines and emulated Elon Musk’s schedule, are now posting videos about hustle culture, burnout, and why self-improvement is ruining your life.  (“It’s all just ego,” explained one.)

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