Listen up music lovers! What to know about Record Store Day 2021

Vinyl collectors and music lovers can rejoice as Record Store Day will make its return to Hybrid Records this weekend in Corpus Christi.

Record Store Day was originally conceived in 2007 to celebrate independently owned record stores across the world. It gives  stores the chance to offer exclusive vinyl releases from artists across various genres. 

Hybrid Records located on South Almeda Street in Corpus Christi

Carlos Cooper, Hybrid Records store owner, said he is thrilled for this year’s event.

“Record Store Day brings good energy to the store and really helps celebrates the idea of supporting the independent record store,” Cooper said.

Due to the large turnout of customers during past events, Cooper said he plans to launch Saturday’s event early to dedicate the store’s first three hours in business to Record Store Day exclusive merchandise only.

“Pre-Covid we normally had a pretty long line within the first 15 minutes of being open,” Cooped said. “Some years we have even had people camp out as early as 4 a.m.” 

Hybrid Records will be the only record store in the area participating, a responsibility Cooper said makes him feel the pressure to deliver. 

“People are calling like crazy to make sure i will be carrying certain releases, all the pressure is on me as the sole proprietor of the product to get all the stuff people want,” he added.  

This year RSD exclusive releases include music from major artists such as Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Beck and more. 

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