CCISD employee babysits student’s child while she studies

After posting a picture of him babysitting a student’s 1-year-old, a recovery specialist at Solomon M. Coles High School received appreciation Thursday.

Steven Vasquez, 39, helps locate students who drop out through the school year and gets them back into school to graduate. During summer school, he helps out the attendance office along with whatever tasks arise.

On Wednesday, Vasquez said a student called in saying she wouldn’t be able to make it due to her child. He said his coordinator asked the student how old the young one was and to bring him in; they would watch him while she attended school.

Vasquez said Jessica Ridge, the principal’s secretary, started to watch him initially and then passed him to another recovery specialist, Sharon Ayala. 

“When it was snack time, they brought him to me so they could get some things done,” Vasquez said. “I let him watch ‘Coco’ on my phone and he ate some puff snacks. It was a team effort really.”

The two women tried to get the little one to sleep because he was tired, but Vasquez said he was fighting it.

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