We are experiencing a National HVAC Shortage that is beginning to the affect South Texas

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Ruben Sanchez

COVID-19 affected all HVAC manufacturers in one way or another.  Some manufacturers were hit earlier than others due to outbreaks in their facilities, forcing them to abide by CDC regulations and shut down for two weeks at a time.  It slowed down production to a near halt. The HVAC industry is now facing inventory challenges. Due to the pandemic and the fallout from Texas’ historic winter storm in February, manufacturers making repair parts for HVAC systems aren’t keeping a healthy supply chain. The storm impacted copper, steel, and aluminum production, as well as distribution.  That means evaporator coils or condenser units are getting harder to come by.

“After being one of the few open during the pandemic last summer, we prepared this summer to make sure RGV families were taken care of.” Ruben Sanchez, Owner of Colair, said. “We have been well stocked with inventory, so we haven’t felt the crunch when many AC companies began to feel the shortage in May 2021, the beginning of our industry’s busy season.”

Colair Inc. is encouraging owners of AC Systems that are 10 Years or older and/or if they need immediate attention to call Colair to have a Certified Technician assess their individual situations.

“With shortage at an all-time low, and demand at an all time high, it is important to remember that right now, it is not about the brand, it’s about having a cool home for your family and the company who is installing it and servicing your AC System.”

For more information, you can call Colair Inc at 956-255-5570 or visit them online at www.ColairInc.com

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