The city of Laredo invites people from Mexico to get the COVID-19 vaccine

The city says it sees the financial benefits of vaccine leave and the benefits of human leave.

Laredo, Texas — The coronavirus may feel like it’s over or almost over. Masks are often an option if you are vaccinated.

Even if you hug me, you can see each other’s faces again!

But in the life of Large Sharma, COVID-19 is a very present danger and a threat to the life of his family.

“It’s a struggle. We’re working as hard as we can to survive,” Sharma told KENS5.

Over a year ago, a pandemic closed the US-Mexico border bridge for a non-essential trip.

“Many people from Mexico just walked across, shopped and then came back,” Sharma said. “No one really roams around. Maybe about 80 percent of downtown business is already closed.”

The federal government has just announced that the land intersection will be closed until at least the second half of July.

For those who can afford to fly to Laredo, the safety of the coronavirus is within reach.

The city recommends that they be vaccinated.

“People look at it and say,” OK, I need to be vaccinated. I need to go to the United States to do that. But I’m not sure if it’s legal. Director of Laredo Airport , Geoffrey Miller said:

“The city council has basically resolved to make this kind of declaration about coming to Laredo on a vaccine vacation,” Miller added.

The city of Laredo began promoting vaccine leave in mid-May. Three weekly flights from Mexico City land here to get free shots, get shots, stay, shop, spend, or come back for a second dose You can choose.

“We see direct results when Aeromar flights come and are sold at both Mar del Norte and outlet shop malls. Therefore, flights here have a direct economic impact. I know, “Miller told KENS5.

The city of Laredo told KENS5 that it was too early to assess the full economic impact of vaccine tourism. The mall’s management is said to share with the city that has seen travelers shop and then return to the airport.

But effort is not just about money.

“We have a lot of connections with our Mexican neighbors and more people are vaccinated here in Laredo, here in the United States, and generally in Mexico. I’m especially at the border because everyone comes back. It would be better for all of us, said Irene Ramos, director of the Laredo Visitors Bureau.

“It doesn’t really help the downtown border situation because these people aren’t flying around downtown,” Sharma told KENS5.

To many of us, the coronavirus may feel like a nightmare we somehow survived. But not Sharma, he is worried about his family, his employees, and their future.

“If this continues, downtown is probably nowhere in the book,” Sharma said. “I hope some people listening to this will take some steps to relieve some of our pain and help us overcome this.”

The city of Laredo invites people from Mexico to get the COVID-19 vaccine

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