North Carolina football shows it’s a fraud, offseason hype was a scam

If you’re the kind of person who buys a fancy-looking sports car with new upholstery and fresh paint only to discover that the odometer was rolled back and the engine hasn’t been tuned since 1988, North Carolina is the team for you.

If you pick expensive restaurants based off Yelp reviews while on vacation, the Tar Heels are your kind of rip-off.

If you bought Milli Vanilli albums because you enjoyed their vocals, you’re just the kind of sucker who thought Mack Brown’s team was a legitimate playoff contender this season. 

The Tar Heels were the Talented Mr. Ripley of this season, only it turns out they weren’t that talented. Unlike the character in the Matt Damon movie, which had a run time of nearly 2 1/2 hours, it only took about half that for North Carolina’s football team to be exposed as a complete fraud.

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Mack Brown and the Tar Heels lost to Georgia Tech on Saturday.

The Tar Heels, it turns out, were as phony as Fyre Fest and disappeared from the scene faster than Crystal Pepsi. After getting absolutely wrecked by Georgia Tech on Saturday, 45-22, North Carolina as a preseason top-10 team is one of those notions that seems as ill-advised in retrospect as a $5 seafood buffet. 

Yes, we were all sold a bill of goods on North Carolina this year with a returning star quarterback in Sam Howell and an accumulation of talent that Brown and his staff had attracted over the last couple of years. But for Tar Heel fans especially, this journey to 2-2 after all of the offseason hype must seem like a total scam. 

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