One journalist’s horrific escape from Kabul’s airport: 5 Things podcast

On today’s episode of 5 Things: When Kabul fell to the Taliban, Afghan journalist Fatema Hosseini had only bad options. As a female reporter who’d worked for USA TODAY, she could stay and likely be killed or taken by the Taliban, or she could try to run. 

But getting out seemed impossible. There was chaos at the Kabul airport.

The Taliban had already ransacked her parents’ home. 

USA TODAY’s international correspondent Kim Hjelmgaard swung into action to help Fatema escape. With assistance from military contacts, Kim managed to get Fatema a seat on plane bound for Ukraine. Later, she would make it to the U.S.

But getting into the Kabul airport meant Fatema had to cross multiple Taliban checkpoints, duck gunfire, and avoid the whips and beatings of angry Taliban lashing out at the desperate crowds clustered at the gates. 

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