Texas’ Burmese communities rally in Austin against Myanmar killing

Burmese communities across Texas are calling for an end to the violence and killing of peaceful protesters in Myanmar, also known as Burma, after a military coup in the Southeast Asian country Feb. 1.

Dozens of people from Burmese communities in Austin, Dallas and Houston met at the south gate of the Capitol on Saturday afternoon, rallying to encourage support for the people protesting the military takeover of Myanmar.

Vung Cing, a pastor at the Light House Myanmar Mission Church in Austin, gave a short sermon as people placed roses on the ground in remembrance of the hundreds who reportedly have been killed during the violent suppression of protests.

Salai Thomas Hehzai lays roses as a remembrance of those who have been killed in the protests of the coup in Myanmar.

Cing, who said she is Tedim — one of the country’s many ethnic groups — said she was heartened to see the different communities come together but added that she mourns for the people who have been killed in the past two months during political demonstrations.

“Most of them are young people. One of my nephews, he is 18, and he just finished high school in Myanmar; he told his parents that the young people there do not have a future. That hurts my heart,” Cing said. 

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