Coahuiltecan Expressions in Art

The Weslaco Museum is looking forward to an exhibit by local art students from Weslaco ISD, Mercedes ISD and IDEA Schools. Weslaco Museum Image.

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The art expressions are taken from the compilation of words and phrases in Lisa Kay Adam’s book “XUAI”.  The Coahuiltecan and Karankawa were native to the Rio Grande Valley prior to the Spanish Land Grants. With Spanish missions dominating the area, many of the natives were converted to Christianity. Through those missions, words were translated from native languages to Spanish. Ms. Adam has researched and documented some 100 words and phrases from this “lost” language. She will present information about this beautiful language on Saturday, October 9, 20231 at 2:00 p.m.

Lisa Kay Adam grew up in south Texas, spending many childhood hours under the shade of a honey mesquite. She earned her under-graduate degree in anthropology and English from The University of Texas at Austin, and her Ph.D. in historical geography and anthropology at Louisiana State University. She has published poems and essays in various journals. She now lives in Weslaco Texas where she spends many hours in the shade of a Texas ebony.

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