Frances Haugen speaks to Congress

WASHINGTON — A Facebook whistleblower who raised alarms about several of the company’s business practices testified Tuesday before Congress after a series of incriminating revelations about the company.

Frances Haugen, a former project manager at Facebook who leaked a massive trove of internal documents to the Wall Street Journal, told a Senate subcommittee that Facebook “put their astronomical profits before people” and asked for congressional action to rein in the tech giant.

“We can have social media we enjoy that connects us without tearing our democracy apart or democracy, putting our children in danger, and sowing ethnic violence around the world,” Haugen said.

The documents Haugen released unearthed several explosive revelations about the company’s tactics in the pursuit of growth, including bids to market its products directly to children, documents underscoring the severity of the platform’s public health misinformation crisis and internal research that found its Instagram platform is destructive to young girls’ mental health.

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