Trailblazer Attorney Leah Wise Is the Future of the Legal Profession

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By Mario Reyna

You have probably seen her on billboards along the freeway, on her viral social media advertisements, or you have seen her on your local television station reminding people about her profession.  However, have you ever wondered who Leah Wise is?

Leah Wise is an entrepreneur in the legal community. Leah’s advertising has transformed the way many lawyers in Texas approach marketing and how they reach target audiences.  

Born and raised in Primera, Texas, she is the daughter of David and Cristela Wise. She graduated from Harlingen High School in 2008, received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio.

Following law school, Leah had $0.00 in savings and a mountain of student debt. She started her law firm in 2016 with a lot of emotional support from her parents and mentors, but the only kind of advertising she could afford at the time was social media. She was one of the only lawyers taking advantage of social media marketing and the only Latina-owned law firm in South Texas dedicated entirely to personal injury.

Leah began to gain a large following as ‘Texas Abogada Leah Wise’ on Facebook, and her personal injury practice began to pick up very quickly. She has since won millions of dollars in settlements for her clients. In 2020 Leah and her co-counsel won the largest personal injury settlement in the state of Texas and was named one of the best lawyers in the nation by The Best of the Bar. Less than 1% of all lawyers in the United States achieve this distinction.

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Leah was voted “Best Attorney” by the Valley Morning Star Reader’s Choice Awards in 2017 and 2018. She is the first female injury attorney in the history of the RGV to advertise with Univision and KRGV Channel 5. Leah was featured in Yahoo! Finance as one of the top lawyers changing the game in the legal industry. In 2021 Leah was recognized as one of the top 10 graduates from St. Mary’s School of Law in the last decade. She also serves on the board of the Family Crisis Center of the RGV and enjoys advocating for women’s empowerment all over the nation.

Leah also owns a real estate investment company, Leah Wise Enterprises, LLC. She is passionate about helping local businesses, especially Latina-owned businesses. Leah hosts a podcast titled “Coffee with CrashGal,” where she speaks with guests about mental health and women’s issues.  She is the co-founder of “Latina Feature Friday,” a social media segment highlighting Latina-owned businesses in the RGV and runs a “CrashGal Mentorship Crew” for aspiring Latina lawyers. Leah supports local charities such as the Humane Society of Harlingen, The Family Crisis Center, and Girl Scouts of America among others. Giving back to her community is extremely important to her.

A lot of people know her as CrashGal because a large part of her law practice involves representing clients who have been injured in car accidents.  She finds being a personal injury attorney rewarding because she helps clients through the most challenging time of their lives and makes sure justice is achieved.  Her clients are often taken advantage of by insurance companies and offered very little or $0 to settle their claims. Leah has been able to help clients win substantial settlements and keeps in touch with many of her clients who have turned into friends. 

Her primary source of inspiration is her parents. “My parents are my biggest supporters, and they have always encouraged me in everything I’ve wanted to achieve. They made me feel like I could do anything I wanted, and because of the confidence they instilled in me, I have been able to achieve my dreams. Five to ten years from now, I hope to continue earning millions of dollars for my clients and continue mentoring young Latinas from the RGV to achieve their dreams as well.”

Mario Reyna is a former dean at South Texas College and retired United States Air Force officer.

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