Sheriff Daniel C. Bueno protecting and serving residents of Jim Wells County

Sheriff Daniel J. Bueno has dedicated his career to protecting and serving residents of Jim Wells County and its surrounding areas. He is a South Texas native, where he graduated from Ben Bolt High School and worked at the Alice Hospital in his early career. During this time, he became aware of the rising issue in the community which motivated him to join the Alice Police Department in 1997. 

Sheriff Bueno climbed the ranks and became Chief of Police in 1999 and then eventually earned his position as Sheriff making him one of the longest serving sheriffs in South Texas.  Sherriff Bueno is responsible for the creation of The Loose Livestock and Theft Prevention program, which has given the community’s farmers and ranchers peace of mind and recovered over a million dollars of missing property since the creation in 2017.

Sheriff Bueno is deeply invested in the people of South Texas and his innovation and passion for his work will leave a lasting impact on his community for years to come.  He continues to foster justice and promote safety for those living in the rural communities.  We cannot thank him enough for his leadership and service. 

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