East Texas country singer, Cody Wayne, recovering after tractor accident

(KETK)- An East Texas country singer is recovering after a freak tractor accident. Cody Wayne was using the tractor last week to put out seeds for the deer, something he said he has done a thousand times. 

Wayne served in the US Marine Corps and says his training helped save his life. 

“I kind of had a freak moment, and I remember thinking no no no no not like this, not like this. And all the marine part of me came in. The training came in, and I said ‘calm down what do you need to do first?’” said Wayne. 

While he was stuck on the tractor, he was able to call his wife Tamra McClendon for help. 

“I get a phone call and I can tell he’s in a panic and he says that he’s hurt and to get to stand as soon as I could. And, that I might not want to look at his leg,” said McClendon.

 “At that point I knew something was really bad. I didn’t know I was stuck on the tractor, and so she took her shirt off. And, I showed her where to tie the tourniquet and kind of stuck it through my leg. She tied it as tight as she could, and her little five foot four frame picked up the land rover off of my leg,” said Wayne. 

The musician was flown to a hospital after the equipment connected to his tractor flipped, slicing his entire leg open and almost claiming his life. 

“Literally, went into the hospital and (they) rolled me right into an operating room and at that point I’m like I’m in the hospital we’re good. And the doctor was like we’re going to try and save it and I’m like ‘Try?’ And then the surgery started, and I woke up and everything went great,” said Wayne. 

“The doctor said it was a miracle he was alive because it was one millimeter away from the main artery, and he would have bled out in the field and we would have lost him,” said McClendon.

Wayne is now recovering and starting physical therapy. 

“I’m thankful for my wife for saving my life and my niece and mother-in-law. It could’ve been bad. It could’ve been real bad,” said Wayne. 

The couple says they are thankful for the prayers and support of the community and no matter what happens Wayne plans to return to the stage on Oct. 23.

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