Laredo Health Department Receives Recognition from Texas Governor

The City of Laredo is proud of the Laredo Health Department and congratulates all its staff members for this well-deserved acknowledgement.

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Laredo, Texas – The City of Laredo Health Department has received a certificate from the State of Texas Office of the Governor, Greg Abbott, recognizing the department’s hard work to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Governor Abbott expressed in his letter that he is thankful for the service that the Laredo Health Department has executed as a major vaccination hub. He also mentioned that the department’s tireless efforts to serve fellow Texans have ensured the protection of most of the community, making this group an example of the very best of the Lone Star State.

As presented during Monday’s Council meeting, Health Director, Richard Chamberlain announced that Laredo is currently the best in the state of Texas with the lowest hospitalization rate, trending lower than 5%. The vaccination efforts have played a crucial part on these numbers and, of course, in the participation of the community.

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