Gundy Previews Matchup with No. 25 Texas


The Cowboy football team returned to practice Sunday night following its open weekend. Head coach Mike Gundy returned to his usual game week media luncheon and previewed the upcoming matchup with No. 25 Texas. Here is some of what he had to say:

Opening Statement:

“We brought the guys back last night to practice a little bit. They were gone Thursday, Friday, Saturday. We worked them out last night and they have the day off today. On to Texas on Tuesday and Wednesday. We’ll travel down a little bit earlier this week since we have the early kickoff.”


On Texas:

“It’ll be a real challenge for us; obviously, I keep mentioning that each week. As we keep going, the teams we play are better. This will be the most athletic team we’ve competed against so far. It’ll be important for us to minimize big plays and to keep the quarterback corralled; he runs around pretty good. The running back is a good player obviously, and they have skill at the wide out spot. Defensively, they’re going to be big and physical up front. They’re going to be able to pressure the quarterback and they’ve got skill on the back end. You’re talking about Texas. I don’t need to stand here and convince people they have good players. We have to have a good plan in all three phases, have a good week of practice, and go down and compete.”


On the benefits of the bye week:

“We give them a half of a practice Sunday night just because they’ve been gone and we let them kind of work the kinks out. This is a mature team for the most part; they’ve handled themselves really well. We didn’t really have a concern with letting them have the time off for that reason. When they got back, as practice got going, they got back into the flow of things and they were fine. We had a productive workout last night.”


On the importance of special teams:

“With this football team, we rely on the defense to play well and to be sound in special teams to try and create an advantage. We feel like that’s how we won games up to this point. That doesn’t mean the defense is going to continue to do this every week. At some point, I hope not, but maybe they don’t play as good and offensively we’re going to have to play a little better, and then we certainly better be sound on special teams.”


On Oklahoma State’s success against Texas in recent years:

“We started bringing in good players. I think if you don’t have players somewhat on an equal level, you can win games and the other team be more talented, but, as we know, Vegas will tell you if the other team is more talented, they’re going to win most of the games most of the time. So, you can win if your talent level on paper is not the same, but you have to have enough good players to keep yourself in the game somehow, which we’ve done in the last 10 years. Once we were able to win some of those games, we developed confidence that everything is going to be OK. Let’s just go play. So, some of that is a natural progression through confidence and success, and then the other part of it is having enough players that can go toe-to-toe with them long enough to stay in the game and find a way to win.”


On how to defend Texas running back Bijan Robinson:

“I mean, he’s a good player. You’ve seen him throughout the year, his ability to make the guys miss and run through tackles. In my opinion, if you go in and don’t wrap up and just kind of cut block, you’re not going to get him down. You have to wrap and roll to get him down. I think we saw some of that over the last few weeks, where he can bounce off tackles. And, he has the ability to make guys miss. So, he’s a really good player, we’re aware of that and we feel like we have to stop him.”


On how OSU’s and Texas’ play styles match up: 

“I’d prefer to not get in a shootout with them. They’ve done some of that with big plays. They accomplished some of that Saturday with big plays. We all know that in this league, defensively, one of the most important things that we can accomplish is minimize the big plays. And I would prefer not to get in a shootout with them.” 




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