Former Calallen student achieves dream by writing her first book

Former South Texas student Michelle Hillen Klump is fulfilling a lifetime ambition with the release of her first book.

The former Calallen High School student wrote “A Dash of Death,” a series debut in the Cocktails & Catering mystery series she has conceived about a Houston reporter-turned-mixologist who mixes it up with murder.  

“I always dreamed something like this would happen,” she said about her first book. “As a child, I loved Nancy Drew and read all the mystery books I could read. I always wanted to do something like this. But to have it happen is surreal.”

Michelle Hillen Klump, a former Calallen student and newspaper reporter, has recently completely her first book "A Dash of Death."

Earlier, she had written another novel and has another strong idea she has filed away. But she got her inspiration for “A Dash of Death” about a year before the pandemic.

After the release of the book, she has been to book signings and savored in the heady feeling of knowing that others are reading her published works.

“It’s pretty amazing,” she said. “To go into a bookstore and see my book on a bookshelf … it’s like everything that 8-year-old Michelle ever dreamed of.”  

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