The brightest planets in April’s night sky: how and when to see them

Take a look into the April night skies to see the brightest planets in the night sky. Three, and then by April’s second week, four planets will be available for early risers who are up by or soon after the break of dawn. They will be all clustered low in the east-southeast part of the sky. 

Venus is by far the brightest, but in close proximity though only about a hundredth as bright are Mars and Saturn. Jupiter, second in brightness to Venus, begins to make itself evident during the second week of this month and will spend the rest of April slowly creeping closer to Venus. They will make for an eye-catching pair low in the east-southeast sky at month’s end. And along the way, the moon will pass all four planets: Saturn on April 25, Mars on April 26 and Venus and Jupiter on April 27.

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