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The mandate ordering everybody to wear a mask inside the boundaries of the San Benito school district has been removed.

The board of trustees approved the action during Tuesday’s, April 12, school board meeting, making it effective immediately.

However, the trustees agreed to let district staff, employees, students and the public to wear masks voluntarily.

“We have heard the pros and cons of wearing a mask,” Ramiro Medrano, the board president, said. “There have been increases and decreases in (Covid-19) cases. I would like to remove the mask mandate resolution and to make it optional.”

The mask mandate was approved two years ago, following the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Now that the number of positive cases have been in a decline district-wide and throughout Cameron County as well, board members agreed to lift the mandate but left the doors open in case of another outbreak.

The board also waited for spring break to take place over concerns of a super spreader event, which did not happen.

Relating to another item, the board held off on hiring a consulting company, the Texas Association of School Boards of Executive Search Services, to be in charge of finding a new superintendent.

During a previous board meeting held April 5, a TASB representative made a presentation about the services they offered.

Since TASB was the only company either interested or contacted at the time, the board decided to hear from other consulting companies before deciding to hire the Austin-based outfit.

Ariel Cruz, a board member, wanted to know why that was not discussed earlier and added TASB is a major company specializing in superintendent searches, among other things. Although TASB could end up being the company chosen, Medrano said he would like to hear from others.

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