Democrats hear Nev., NH, Colo. pitches to lead presidential calendar

New Hampshire Senators Maggie Hassan, third from left, and Jeanne Shaheen, third from right, along with New Hampshire Democratic Party chairman Raymond Buckley, second from left, lead off the presentation group from the state of New Hampshire as they present before the Rules and Bylaws Committee (RBC) of the Democratic National Committee in Washington, DC. on June 22, 2022.
  • Officials from Colorado, Nevada and New Hampshire pitched the committee on why they should go first.
  • Sixteen states and Puerto Rico will present before the Rules and Bylaws committee this week.
  • The committee plans to meet in early August to select the slate of early voting states.

WASHINGTON — Democratic officials from Nevada and New Hampshire made aggressive pitches for their states to kick off the presidential nominating process Wednesday, starting two days of hearings that could dramatically reshape the way America chooses presidents.  

State party officials from Nevada shared a slickly produced promotional video touting its broad diversity and voter access laws. New Hampshire’s two Democratic senators helped make their case as staffers passed around goodie bags to the committee members. And both states shared glossy booklets highlighting their best arguments. 

Members of the Democratic National Committee will consider those pitches and more over two days as they reshuffle the presidential nominating calendar, fundamentally rethinking which voices the party will elevate first in the long, arduous process of picking a president.

The result, they say, will better align the party with its base — and boost Democrats’ chances of taking the White House in 2024 and beyond.

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