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A social media post has landed a group of San Benito CISD board members in controversy after they were shown being, “wined and dined” by Bob Treviño Insurance at Madeira Restaurant in Brownsville.

The picture was posted by Board Secretary Oscar Medrano to his Facebook page the week of August 14 and has since been removed.

Four board members are shown in the photo, including board president Ramiro Moreno, Janie Lopez, Mario Silva, and Oscar Medrano, with Interim Superintendent Theresa Servellon also present.

In a phone interview with the NEWS, Medrano said he sees it fair to dine out with a vendor.

“For me, there’s nothing wrong with going out with a vendor to eat, but I know a taxpayer’s perspective. It’s my fault, technically, but it is what it is,” Medrano said.

Present in the photo is also Alberto “Bob” Treviño, owner of Bob Treviño Insurance, SBCISD’s current health insurance provider since October 2021, who is submitting a proposal for the health insurance contract for the upcoming school year.

“We did have a quorum, but we didn’t discuss business issues, and we didn’t even discuss his insurance. Anything to discuss, we didn’t discuss it,” Medrano said.

Furthermore, Medrano said the board still has to search for bids for the district’s health insurance provider and will choose the provider in the meeting after next.

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