Uvalde students return to school three months after Robb shooting

Felix Coronado listens to his son, Ariel, 4, while his other children pose for a photo by their mother, Aiko, before the first day of classes in Uvalde on Sept. 6, 2022. This is Ariel's first day of school ever, and he is a little anxious to leave his parents. From left: Adrianna Medina, 10, Alejandro Coronado, 6, Allyson Coronado, 5, Ariel Coronado, 4, Felix Coronado.

Zayon Martinez, 8, and his sister Analiya, 12, work on some school problems provided to them by their father, Adam, in their home in Uvalde on Sept. 6, 2022. Martinez created the school work after both his children were unable to get access to their respective online courses at UCISD for the day. The work included 10 math problems, 10 sentences, reading and summarizing from a book of their choice.

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