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Overhead view of the warehouse that will have office spaces, a breakroom, and restrooms along with additional renovations for more storage space.

Emilio Flores
La Feria News

The Public Works Warehouse is getting some renovations that will allow them to work more efficiently and have some much-needed space that Alfonso Rodriguez, says he’s been wanting for a long time now.
The Public Works Department is responsible for water, sewer, brush pickup, garbage pickup, street maintenance, programs for kids, and more. The Director, Alfonso Rodriguez shares that there’s more coming. The City will be redoing some of the parking lots at the Scott Sloan park, to make entering and exiting easier. Rodriguez also shares new outdoor exercise equipment that will be installed at Memorial Park; a story to come on that.

With over 500 new homes coming to La Feria as mentioned in our previous story titled, First of Many New Subdivisions, the City is making efforts to be sure they are ready for this kind of growth. Providing office spaces for the public works department, along with Public Works Supervisors and animal control that Rodriguez says, “Don’t have offices.” He says the space that the department has is very limited but now they will have their own assigned offices. He says by January 15th, they should have the project finished.

He’s excited for his workers to have the space for a breakroom; having space to eat and relax. At the facility, they will also be installing working restrooms, and the break room Rodriguez says can also be used for presentations or training sessions they may need, the Director, Rodriguez, says he’s excited about that.

He says that this is something he has looked forward to. Working for the City for close to 29 years he expresses that he’s happy to see the growth and development of not only the City but also a bigger space for his department over the years. It is something truly great. He says “You know, my guys don’t have a break room,” He says that the building is so hot they usually eat out, which is also more expensive. “Now they can come, and relax. They’ll have a TV to watch aswell.”

Finally, Rodriguez thanks the commissioners, the Mayor, and the City Manager, for looking out for his guys and “knowing these facilities are needed.”

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