Trevor Bauer handed two losses in court by federal judge

Trevor Bauer’s quest for payback against certain people and publications suffered a couple of setbacks in court Wednesday when a federal judge ruled in favor of two people Bauer has sued and accused of damaging him financially.

One of those defendants was the woman from San Diego who accused the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher of choking and hitting her last year during two sexual encounters at his home in Pasadena.

The other defendant was the woman’s former attorney, Fred Thiagarajah.

U.S. District Judge James V. Selna granted a motion by Thiagarajah to have Bauer’s defamation claim against him dismissed, stating that Bauer did not meet his burden in showing a probability of success on the merits of that claim against him.

Thiagarajah is “entitled to recover reasonable attorneys fees and costs, and shall submit an application within seven days,” the judge’s ruling stated.

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