Splash Mountain history is more than a fun ride with catchy music

Splash Mountain left an indelible imprint on many Disney park lovers’ memories, and some have had a tough time letting go.

“I mean people were trying to sell the water,” self-described “massive Disney fan” Didi Francique recalled of the iconic ride’s last day of operation at Walt Disney World. “There was a little a memorial thing with people putting their Splash Mountain plushies right in front of it … ‘Save Splash Mountain’ shirts, ‘The last splash’ shirts.”

Francique opted out of the ride that day but had ridden it countless times. “When I was a kid, I didn’t know anything. I didn’t care,” he said. But he began to feel differently over the years as he learned about the ride’s roots in Disney’s film “Song of the South.” “That’s when I was kind of like, this is very questionable.”

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