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Growing up, Jose Lozano always loved nature and the outdoors, but he never would’ve guessed his life would eventually revolve around painting and ceramics.
Lozano, born in Matamoros, but raised mainly in Brownsville, Texas, said he started taking art seriously in 2016 at Texas Southmost College.
“I studied anatomy, art history and academic painting when I was just starting to get into the art world,” Lozano said.
Learning about the evolution of the arts throughout history sparked the inspiration to learn more, said Lozano.
“Once I started discovering painters from the past who influenced regeneration, I knew I wanted to do the same,” Lozano said.
Lozano was also part of the New York Academy of Art’s 2018 residency program, where he was able to study paintings at the MET and visit the studios of successful artists.
Lozano said he collected music albums and skateboards for the designs on them and has a big passion for fashion, theater and the education field.
“Ever since I can remember, I’ve volunteered to help out during art classes, and to this day, I substitute at an elementary school and teach workshops for people of all ages,” said Lozano.
When Lozano wants to get inspired on the Island, he takes long walks along the shore because the sound of the waves is inspiring and relaxing.
“One of my favorite places is also the bay across the street from the studio,” said Lozano. “I get lost where the water meets the sky.”
Lozano said that this will be his first solo exhibition entitled “Sea Coast.”

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