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Cross Church in San Benito is hosting its Texas Valley Peace Prayer Walk this Saturday morning. Anyone is invited to the march and no prior registration is required; however, participants are encouraged to wear a military green or white t-shirt.

Starting at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Mar. 25, participants will meet at Burger King on Sam Houston to begin the prayer walk at 10 a.m. moving north along Sam Houston boulevard. Cross Church expects 100 people who have already registered to join in with banners and announcements, plus ten cars, with one van providing live music.

The walk is set to culminate at Heavin Park around 10:45 a.m. and conclude with prayer and praise. Organizers of the walk will offer bottled water to participants with no intention of selling anything.
Carlos De Leon, the Spanish Director of Cross Church San Benito, said the prayer is dedicated to multiple factors, including economy, education, youth, government, culture, children, the sick, families, sports and businesses.

“There will be multiple groups within the walk and each group will have prayer intentions dedicated to various initiatives, such as education or youth,” said De Leon.

Currently, Cross Church hosts multiple community programs within its church, such as English classes, gardening, cooking, pet care and career help, which they hold twice a year each. In addition, De Leon said they wish to expand their community programs, which has led them to productive talks with the City of San Benito and City Manager Manuel De La Rosa.

“Without community programs, we would have no relevance,” De Leon said. “So we are looking to augment our programs to have a wider reach with help from the City.”

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