Israel now in battle for future as Benjamin Netanyahu pushes reforms

A view of homes built on the Israeli settlement Givat Heral in the West Bank, on April 18, 2023.

GIVAT HAREL, West Bank – Lawyer Yotam Eyal is Orthodox, lives on land claimed by Palestinians and believes Israel needs to rigorously preserve its conservative Jewish values and identity. He supports attempts by the country’s ultra-right-wing government to weaken its judiciary.

Tech executive Ronen Keler, from beachy, foodie, liberal Tel Aviv, is a secular Jew. He says that what is happening in Israel right now is about a populist government intent on engineering a “dictatorship.” He opposes the reforms. 

Makbula Nassar, an Arab Palestinian citizen of Israel and radio host from Nazareth, the north Israel city associated in the Bible with Jesus’ hometown, says reforms or not, Israel is not the democracy it claims to be. 

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