Jaden Soong’s aims for US Open history, shocking golf fans on the way

The youngest. The shortest. The lightest.

Jaden Soong will be all of the above Monday when the 13-year-old from Burbank, California, who stands 5-foot-2 and weighs 115 pounds, joins more than 500 other golfers in final qualifying for the men’s U.S. Open.

He hits the ball up to 280 yards with his driver.

“I’m expecting some people to be a little shocked and surprised,” Soong told USA TODAY Sports.

But the kid and his prodigious golf game no longer are a secret.

On May 15, during the first stage of qualifying for the U.S. Open – set for June 15-18 in Los Angeles – Soong sunk a 12-foot playoff putt and celebrated with a Tigeresque fist pump. He had just become the youngest player ever to advance to the second and final stage of qualifying for the U.S. Open.

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