Agenda47: Addressing Rise of Chronic Childhood Illnesses

In recent decades, there has been an unexplained and alarming growth in the prevalence of chronic illnesses and health problems, especially in children. We’ve seen a stunning rise in autism, autoimmune disorders, obesity, infertility, serious allergies, and respiratory challenges. It’s time to ask what is going on?

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Is it the food that they eat, the environment that we live in? The over-prescription of certain medications, is it the toxins and chemicals that are present in our homes? Every year?

We spend hundreds of billions of dollars to treat these chronic problems rather than looking at what is causing them in the first place. Too often our public health establishment is too close to big pharma. They make a lot of money, big pharma, big corporations, and other special interests, and does not want to ask the tough questions about what is happening to our children’s health. If big pharma, defrauds American patients and taxpayers or puts profits above people, they must be investigated and held accountable.

When I’m back in the White House, I will establish a special presidential commission of independent minds who are not board and paid for by big pharma, and I will charge them with investigating what is causing the decades long increase in chronic illnesses. I understand big pharma, I believe better than anybody else.

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I know where they’re coming from, and then I will ask them to publish recommendations for how every American child can have a safe and healthy childhood. This is a conversation that is long overdue and it’s a conversation that American families deserve. American families must have this conversation and they must have a leader, a president, who can do something about this problem, and I will do that. Thank you.

–Donald J. Trump

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