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The San Benito Consolidated Independent School District’s historic Greyhound Stadium has been ordered closed to the public until further notice due to what officials describe as structural problems.

A statement issued by the school district specifies that the stadium is closed until further notice.
Located at the corner of North Bonham and East Hicks streets in San Benito, Greyhound Stadium has been declared an unsafe zone.

According to a district statement, a licensed engineer’s visual observation and assessment of the structural integrity of the existing stadium seating revealed an issue of excess steel corrosion.

“This is of utmost concern and led to the stadium’s closure,” the statement reads. “Until District trustees and administrators have had an opportunity to review and discuss the structural integrity of the stadium as well as safety issues, the stadium will remain closed as a precautionary measure.”

Due to that, Greyhound Stadium is currently a no trespassing zone.

For everyone’s safety, district administrators are asking the public to abide by the signage posted at numerous areas along the stadium’s perimeter fencing.

The Greyhound Stadium had long enjoyed wide appeal among high school sports fans for its charm as being one of the few high school stadiums situated directly in the middle of a community neighborhood and its smaller overall size and the proximately of the bleachers to the field.

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